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Backhaul LTE Tests – ASS - Arqueiro Satellite Solution

By Arqueiro Telecom on July 24, 2023

1) Equipament specification:
LTE FDD / 3 Cells | Frequency: 700Mhz | Channel Spacing: 20Mhz.
Backhaul: Starlink + Fortinet SDWan
Starlink Physical Installation: Fixed on the tower | Height: 12 Meters | Azimuth: 190° NM

2) Troughput test per cell Tool: SpeedTest

2.1) Throughput Cell A results:

2.2) Throughput Cell B results:

2.3) Throughput Cell C results:

2.4) VoLTE – Call Test

VoLTE - 100% Sucess

3) Graphs

3.1)Backhaul 24h Throughput Graph:

Max throughput: 65.8 Mbps
Mean throughtput: 9.98 Mbps

3.2) Backhaul 24h latency Graph:

Max Latency: 125ms (Peak).
Mean Latency: 36.0ms

3.3) 24h Link Disponibility

4) Photos of Physical Installation

4.1 Starlink – Tower Installation

4.2 Starlink – Tower Installation and Fixation

4.3 Starlink – Vertical Cables on Flexible Tube

4.4 Starlink – Horizontal Cables on Flexible Tube

4.5 Starlink – Outdoor Equipment Gabinet

4.6 Starlink – eNB Huawei

5) Conclusion

After the tests were carried out, we observed that the Starlink (LEO) has good performance as a Backhaul solution and it proved to be superior to the currently used (GEO) links. The solution can be used on a large scale as an alternative to satellite links.

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