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Arqueiro Telecom
Arqueiro Telecom operates as a private 4G/5G network operator, utilizing microwave and fiber optic networks. Following a shared backhaul infrastructure model, we specialize in planning, designing, and implementing high-capacity solutions that provide the necessary connectivity for cell sites in the Brazilian market.
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The "Shared Backhaul" and CORE/EPC products for private 4G/5G networks by Arqueiro Telecom:
The Telecommunications market in Brazil is striving to deploy networks across the country at an accelerated pace, driven by the increasing demand for data capacity and regulatory requirements.
Arqueiro Telecom has introduced the CORE/Private Networks and Shared Backhaul solution to meet this demand, enabling high-capacity access sharing for all our deployed solutions among our clients.
The industry's brightest minds brought the original concept of this model: our clients.
While all our customers seek speed in expanding their coverage and capacity throughout Brazil, Arqueiro provides intelligent planning, deployment, and management of their network, saving our clients' time, investment, and management resources.
The CORE 4G/5G and wireless Backhaul is part of the network that carries voice and data traffic from the mobile station to the operator's main network (i.e., the nearest point of presence for the operator).
At Arqueiro, we are incredibly proud that our work has been improving the experience for wireless operators throughout Brazil. Our high-capacity links enhance coverage, capacity, and quality for all operators, including ISPs in Brazil.
Furthermore, since we provide this service to all operators, we can offer all of this at a much lower cost than if each operator were to handle the transport on their own. Arqueiro Telecom also offers NOC services to provide real-time monitoring of your network.
Arqueiro's high-capacity links enhance coverage, capacity, and quality for both Brazil's fixed and wireless mobile operators. This improvement in connectivity can significantly benefit the users and businesses relying on these networks.
Last Mile Connectivity
Wireless backhaul, especially point-to-point, can extend broadband connectivity over longer distances and in less time compared to structured cabling or fiber. Arqueiro backhaul can also be deployed to expand wireless last-mile connectivity at a fraction of the cost. In both rural and urban areas where cable infrastructure doesn't exist or is outdated, implementing IP microwave radio proves to be more flexible and scalable than traditional methods. The costs of wireless backhaul equipment are lower these days, and they are easier and faster to repair and upgrade, resulting in lower maintenance costs.
Arqueiro Telecom has developed over the years, recognizing the market's need for a telecommunications company with a comprehensive portfolio. They have worked with partners and clients to provide products that meet various customer needs. Currently, they offer the following solutions:
MNO (Mobile Network Operator)
The solutions offered by Arqueiro Telecom
can cater to various markets, including:
  • Telecommunications
  • Agribusiness
  • Smart Cities
  • Energy Sector
  • Railway Sector
  • B2B (Business-to-Business)
  • Oil & Gas

Leadership Team

The two key members of the leadership team at Arqueiro Telecom. Steve Roberts is a co-founder, joining from ON Telecom, where he played a founding role and managed the deployment of their fixed 4G services. Paulo Freitas is the CMO and VP of Sales and Marketing, contributing to the company's strategic direction and market positioning.
Steve Roberts - Arqueiro Telecom
Steve Roberts
CEO & Co-Fundador
Paulo Freitas - Arqueiro Telecom
Paulo Freitas
CMO - VP of Sales and Marketing
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