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At Arqueiro, we take pride in our work that enhances the experience for telecommunications network customers in Brazil. Whether through our high-capacity microwave or fiber solutions, we improve coverage, capacity, and quality for all telecom operators in the country. Moreover, since we serve all operators, we can offer these benefits at a much lower cost than if they were to do it on their own.
Alex Sepehri-Nik and Steve Roberts founded Arqueiro.
Steve joined ON Telecom, where he was one of the founding members (at the time, the largest fixed-wireless operator in the State of São Paulo), managing the rollout of their fixed 4G services.
Steve Roberts - Arqueiro Telecom
Steve roberts
CEO & Co-Founder
Before Arqueiro, Steve was one of the founding members of ON Telecom (a fixed-wireless operator in the state of São Paulo) and served as the Project Director for the launch of their fixed 4G services. Within eight months of the first 4G connection, a call was made from an ON Telecom residential customer in Campinas, Brazil, to the offices of George Soros, the principal investor of ON Telecom, in New York.
Paulo Freitas - Arqueiro Telecom
paulo freitas
CMO - VP of Sales and Marketing
Paulo Freitas brings 28 years of experience (1995 - present) in various business areas in the national and international telecommunications market, including engineering, operations, sales, and marketing. Most recently, he served as the Director of Sales & Marketing at Skysites, Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing at American Tower, KAM at RFS, and Country Manager at Samsung. In the technical field, he worked as a Project Manager for Claro and as an engineer with Nortel Networks.
Arqueiro Telecom is headquartered in Hortolândia, SP, with offices in São Paulo and Poços de Caldas, MG. It aims to be the leading "Capacity and Management Provider" in delivering quality wireless and fixed broadband communication capacity for the telecommunications industry, businesses, governments, and private sector clients

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