Arqueiro Telecom, the most innovative Brazilian telecommunications company specialized in broadband wireless microwave technology, has gained national attention with a feature article in TowerXchange, an open community for thought leaders in the emerging market towers industry.

The news piece entitled «Arqueiro Telecom: providing shared backhaul across Brazil» features a discussion between Arianna Neri, Head of Americas at TowerXchange, and Arqueiro Telecom founders Alex Sepehri-Nik and Steve Roberts, focused on the booming market of microwave and fibre sharing as the future of telecom in Brazil and beyond.

The news piece presents Arqueiro Telecom, its offering and services in Brazil, the economic situation of Brazil, what’s in it for companies offering “shared services”, as well as fibre versus microwave: pros and cons.

In the interview, Alex Sepehri-Nik and Steve Roberts also provide their expert view on other pressing questions, including why carriers and towercos should embrace the shared backhaul model, if backhaul is a “dirty” job, and why aren’t towercos offering it.

The full article is available on TowerXchange’s website upon free registration.

Media Contact: Alex Sepehri-Nik - +55 (11) 3042 9911 -

About Arqueiro Telecom

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Arqueiro Telecom helps the Brazilian carriers stay ahead of the growing demand for top quality, high bandwidth and 3G/4G services. Founded by Alex Sepehri-Nik and Steve Roberts, Arqueiro Telecom deploys solutions using intelligent topologies with high capacity microwave links providing the needed connectivity to cell sites for cellular carriers, towercos, and SME's. For more information about Arqueiro Telecom, please visit call them at +55 (11) 3042 9911 or send an email to ​ . 

About TowerXchange 

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