SMEs and tower companies, to provide shorter time to market, improved connectivity, and significant savings on OPEX,

Bringing Service Quality (SLAs+monitoring), reliability and high bandwidth support, together with top-quality hands-on service, our objective is to provide a fast and cost-effective solution to address the need and growing demand of wireless broadband within Brazil…….

Steve Roberts

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Alex Sepehri-Nik

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Sao Paulo, BRAZIL – In order to help the Brazilian carriers stay ahead of the growing demand for top-quality, high-bandwidth wireless services, Arqueiro will begin to deploy high capacity microwave links to provide the needed connectivity to cellular towers, for the cellular carriers, towercos and SMEs.

Thousands of operators’ cell sites and tower company pops across the country will be among the first being networked using the ultra-reliable high capacity Ethernet-based microwave technology. The capacity on these links will be available to multiple operators, therefore decreasing cost.

Alex Sepehri-Nik, President of Arqueiro Telecom, said, "In an increasingly wirelessdependent society, cellular carriers like Vivo and TIM are engineering their networks to meet the exploding demands of internet and data services. Their investment in 4G equipment and infrastructure is extremely high and without the adequate transmission, there is a bottle-neck with the state of the art hardware installed. 4G can not be a slightly better version of the current 3G, that is not good for anybody especially the long suffering Brazilian customers”.

Steve Roberts, CTO and responsible for the network deployment and support for Arqueiro Telecom, said: "Arqueiro’s High Capacity MW Ethernet backhaul capabilities play an important role in the development of the Brazilian operator networks and will be a key part of maximizing the 4G/LTE and small cell deployment strategy. Our investment over the next 3 to 5 years will more than help operators expand and fortify their network capabilities to ensure they maintain and gain in reputation and improve on branding and customer service, appreciation, and awareness."

Steve added: "Current traffic demands and emerging broadband services and traffic volumes are eclipsing the capacities of older technologies, add the never ending customer demands such as downloading, streaming, smart phone usage, which they of course deserve and the carriers will see that fiber is just too slow to deliver. Time-tomarket is now. High Capacity MW will improve this time-to-market broadband need. They (the operators) may even find that fiber will not be necessary at all in certain regions or projects and therefore economize time, as I stated before and an awful lot of money.”

Arqueiro Telecom has a strong and very experienced program-management and engineering team focused specifically on MW-to-the-cell-site implementation and also support of any type of carrier, whether public or private interested in taking advantage of high capacity radio backhaul.

Arqueiro Telecom. is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and aims to be the leader in delivering quality broadband wireless communication innovations to mass market, business, and private sector customers.